Doctor rejects years of research and advises to eat unhealthy!

If you ever tried to lose weight, the sure thing is that your first priority was to avoid anything junk. However, Dr. Aaron Carroll, author of "The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully" [1] has a different opinion, "eat whatever you want without worrying" [2].

In a recent interview, he argued that many of the studies are based on animals, so it is wrong - and somewhat unfair - to call some foods "unhealthy". "All the data is very weak," he explains. "If you try to eat in moderation and you are not worried about food, you will be much healthier and certainly much happier," he says.

Dr. Aaron Carroll, author of "The Bad Food Bible: How and Why Yo Eat Sinfully"

According to his book, he gives the green light for salt consumption, argues that red meat is not the devil and advises the consumption of red wine as he claims it is necessary for the good health of the heart.

He also has no problem with soft drinks, and he says that the research on artificial sweeteners is tested on mice and they have many mistakes. In a nutshell, he rejects all researches over the last few decades, while at the same time he makes a fortune from the sales of his book.

Truth; Lie? Only scientists can answer and, as you can imagine, they are totally opposed to Aaron's views.

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