Carbs DON’T Make You Fat

The low-carb movement convinced people to fear carbs, because they believe carbs are the reason why they are fat. Next, the "Paleo" movement came to finish the deal and make people turn to meat and avoid anything "white", because, as they are saying, we are not programmed to eat this food but the food presumed to have been available to Paleolithic humans [1].

So now people actually avoid anything contains carbs, like beans, fruits and pasta, in an attempt to lose weight or be healthy, forgetting that there has never been a single credible study showing that fruit consumption leads to weight gain [2, 3], or even pasta doesn't make you fat [4, 5, 6] and yet this concept is prevalent as a nutrition dogma.

On the left is Loren Cordain (66yrs, Paleo) and on the right is John McDougall (69yrs, Vegan). Personally, I do not think Cordain is so strong and healthy, as at least he claims in his book that you will become following the Paleo diet.

People believe that animal protein is the key to weight loss or this is what Youtubers and other experts are saying. But the truth is that animal protein is not the healthiest food we can eat, as it has been linked to diabetes [7], early death [8], mortality [9] and heart risks [10, 11].

When it comes to weight loss, you can see that carbs is not the enemy here. In a diet where the vast majority of the calories are coming from fat and protein, like for example eggs-and-bacon with sandwich for breakfast, McDonald's Burger or Subway sandwich and chips for lunch, and a pork roast with potatoes for dinner, people keep blaming carbs for their weight gaining and bad health. In fact, if you start consume less saturated fats and more beans, plants and fruit, is a solution that will change your life forever [12, 13, 14].

In modern diets, the vast majority of the calories are coming from fat and protein. Pizza and donuts are considered carbs despite the fact that the most of their calories comes from fat. But they believe that the main problem is the dough. In fact, even one high-fat meal can harm your liver, according to a new study [15]. In this study, researchers found that the high levels of saturated fat found in such rich foods, immediately alter the work of the liver, possibly setting the body up for serious disease down the line.

Keep in mind that traditional diets high in fruits, veggies and starches have worked for thousands of years, and continue to keep people slim and healthy. But our obsession with counting fat, carbs, and protein blinds us to this truth.

A good book to read is "Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It", which is available on Amazon.

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